Different perspectives on insurance law and practice

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Insurance disputes lawyers churn out a huge amount of comment on recent cases and other legal developments. The form and content of such pieces demonstrates considerable uniformity.  The mindsets of insurance litigators are more alike than any individual within that group might care to admit. In an effort to do something different, Wynterhill has commissioned Professor James Davey and Dr Katie Richards, leading insurance law academics from Bristol University, to produce a series of short thought pieces on insurance law in the UK, with Wynterhill’s contribution being limited to providing, if relevant, examples of our experiences in the contested claims arena. 

Our aim is to provide a platform for legal analysis from a different perspective, but also to take on some issues of general interest concerning the role and significance of insurance in society at large. The first product of this collaboration is attached and falls firmly within the latter category. The title, “Insurance Claims and Racial Discrimination: Surveying the Field” is, of course, founded in wider issues that can provoke very strong feelings. But this is not intended to be a crusading piece pursuing a “blame game” agenda. Instead, it addresses whether the question raised in its title needs more attention than it may be getting. Further introduction is unnecessary: the article speaks for itself.

Dan Brooks is a Partner of Wynterhill LLP.

This post is intended to provide guidance of a practical nature but does not contain legal advice or advice as to what action you should or should not take specific to your insurance needs or those of your business, or with regard to any particular situation.