Our business is making insurance policies work for those insured by them.

We help policyholders, regardless of size, secure policies that balance their interests against the demands of insurers. We present and pursue claims in ways that get them paid. We know if there’s a deal to be struck and when there’s a fight to be had.

Latest Insights and Events

Advising clients suspected of fraud: A brief guide and practical tips for policyholders and their insurance brokers

With policyholders still feeling the impact of the cost of living crisis and with business insolvencies running at their highest since 1993 and, by all reliable accounts likely to exceed that later this year, most insurers (and their teams of counter-fraud investigators) will be carefully scrutinising any insurance claims submitted for the possibility of fraud.

How should Insureds and Insurers behave (pre-action) when coverage disputes arise?

In this piece published on 12th December, I ask why we don’t have a specific CPR Pre-Action Protocol for coverage disputes and whether it is time we had one.